NFL executives are offering increasingly scathing takes on Josh Rosen, the most polarising quarterback in the draft

  • Josh Rosen has received criticism for what some in the NFL think is his brash and outspoken personality.
  • Since being drafted by the Arizona Cardinals, there has only been more word from around the NFL world that some people don’t like Rosen because of his personality.
  • One Cleveland Browns executive said something “bothered” him about Rosen, while several executives had similar criticisms.

Josh Rosen was not shy about his feelings when he fell to 10th in the NFL draft before the Arizona Cardinals traded up to select him.

“I thought I should have been picked at 1, 2 or 3,” Rosen said. “I dropped, and I was pissed. I was really, really angry. I wasn’t really showing it. I was trying to keep calm, cool, composed.”

To many in the NFL, Rosen’s reaction was indicative of the scouting report on him heading into the draft – he may be the most talented, complete quarterback in the draft, but he can also be outspoken and brash.

Since the Cardinals drafted Rosen, there has only been growing criticism of Rosen’s attitude, both on the record and off, and murmurs that he is not well-liked.

On the Monday after the draft, Cleveland Browns vice president of player personnel Alonzo Highsmith told a confusing story about how he came to the conclusion that he didn’t like Rosen. Highsmith said he met a UCLA volleyball coach at the airport and asked him about Rosen. When the coach said to ask Rosen’s girlfriend, Highsmith decided he had heard enough (via the Canton Repository).

“So I asked one of the volleyball coaches, ‘What’s Rosen like?’ He said, ‘Aaaa, you should probably ask his girlfriend. She’s one of the players. She’s over there.’

“I’m like, ‘All right, coach. That’s good enough.’ I don’t know what all this means, but there was something about him that bothered me.”

On Wednesday, ESPN’s Mike Sando released an overview of NFL executives’ thoughts on each team’s draft. When it came to the Cardinals, several executives, speaking anonymously, didn’t have flattering things to say about Rosen.

“Everybody recognises the talent with Rosen, but he is not the top guy in the draft because nobody likes him,” one executive told Sando.

Another seemed to echo Rosen’s former college coach, Jim Mora, that Rosen needs to be mentally challenged or he will get bored.

Cardinals offensive coordinator “Mike McCoy can speak the kid’s language and talk fast enough to try to stay ahead of the kid so he does not get bored,” another “insider” told Sando.

One team reportedly compared to Rosen a combination of former quarterback Jeff George and Jay Cutler, the polarising quarterback most recently with the Miami Dolphins, saying he doesn’t think Rosen could lead a team.

Another executive referenced Rosen’s wealthy upbringing, calling him a “cake eater,” and saying Cardinals quarterback coach Byron Leftwich won’t allow Rosen to act like an “a–hole.”

Rosen himself seemed aware of his reputation after the draft, saying he knows he has to work hard and that he won’t think he’s entitled to play right away.

“I’m not going to come in and be an a–hole and think that my s— don’t stink. Sorry to say that,” Rosen said. “I understand the situation. I’m going to come in, and I’m going to be respectful.”

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