Josh Reddick Hit 5 Home Runs After Changing His Hair To A '7th Grade Comb-Over'

In an effort to break out of a slump, Josh Reddick changed his hairstyle and then proceeded to hit five home runs in the next two games.

Reddick was having a bad season that just seemed to be getting worse. He was hitless in his last 20 at bats and had just five home runs all year after hitting 32 last season.

Well, to shake things up, he changed his hairstyle to what he called “a seventh grade comb-over.”

He hit three home runs on Friday night. When asked about the new hair, he told Comcast Sportsnet it would be back on Saturday. Sure enough, he hit two more home runs on Saturday, doubling his season total.

The comb-over is daring, but even moreso for Reddick if you consider what he looked like when the season started…

Here is another view of his new ‘do…

And here is Reddick hitting his third home run on Friday…

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