Journeyman NFL quarterback shared a great picture of his daughter that shows how crazy his career has been

Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh McCown is the definition of a journeyman quarterback and he shared a great photo of his daughter and her friends showing just how wild of a ride it has been.

In 14 NFL seasons, McCown has spent time with nine different teams and that doesn’t even include his one-year stint with the Hartford Colonials in the now defunct United Football League. 

On Friday, McCown’s teenage daughter had jersey day at school, where the kids wear sports jerseys. McCown’s daughter and six of her friends wore seven different Josh McCown jerseys and it still didn’t cover his entire career.


The seven jerseys represent six of the teams McCown played for, including Tampa Bay, Miami, Oakland, Chicago (twice, he wore two different numbers with the Bears), Cleveland, and Detroit.

McCown notes that two are missing, but he might have been thrown off by the two different Bears jerseys. The collection is actually missing Arizona, Carolina, and San Francisco (although he never appeared in a regular-season game for the 49ers).

While playing for nearly one-third of the NFL franchises is a wild ride, we shouldn’t feel too bad for McCown. He has made $32.0 million in his career. Pretty good work if you can get it.

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