This Is How A 25-Year Old Hedge Funder Is Marketing His Fund: "A Prominent PM Mentored Me, But I Can't Say Who"

yoga pose flexibleThat’s a stretch.

25-year old David “Josh” Hawes is marketing a new Tampa-based hedge fund, Epinicia, using an interesting tactic.He’s telling potential investors that he was mentored by a “prominent portfolio manager,” whom he can’t reveal because he “isn’t at liberty to,” according to Hedge Fund Alert.

Hawes says he’s launching the fund with Robert Curtis, whom he calls a “veteran of the real estate market,” and that they’ve raised $20 million, some of which came from an institutional investor.

Other than that, there’s very little to be found about either men except Josh’s LinkedIn profile¬†and the registration form the two filed with the SEC in January.

Maybe Hawes saw his competition and thought an anonymous PM would be a better bet than an algorithm called “Star.”

From Hedge-Fund Alert:

Hawes, whose brief resume includes an internship at Morgan Stanley, founded his Tampa firm with operations chief Robert Curtis, a veteran of the real estate market.

Hawes is telling investors that he was mentored by a prominent portfolio manager whom he is not at liberty to identify.

By the way, Epinicia is just one of the many weird hedge funds to launch in the past year >

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