Knicks Player Josh Harrellson Stopped A Drunk Driver Who Had Kids In The Back Seat

josh harrelson

Josh Harrellson, a rookie centre for the Knicks, was in the parking lot of a bar in Kentucky this weekend, when he and his friends noticed a man who appeared to be drunk getting behind the wheel of his pick up truck (WKYT via SportsGrid).

The drunk man started driving and rammed into Harrellson’s truck, just after Harrellson pushed everyone out of the way. The driver then hit another car, and then Harrellson’s truck again.

At this point, Harrellson decided they needed to do something, he told WKYT:

“About four or five of us guys jumped on the truck and reached in there and turned the keys off and just tried to make sure he wasn’t going anywhere.”

After turning off the car, Harrellson and his friends noticed three children sitting in the back seat. What a heroic moment.