Josh Freeman's Perplexing Explanation For Why He Signed With The Vikings

Because of
the specifics of his contractand the
sad state of Christian Ponder, it appears that new Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman will get a crack at the starting job.

He’s the highest-paid quarterback on the team, and they only gave him a one-year contract.

But Freeman’s explanation for why he picked Minnesota over other suitors (Oakland and Buffalo) seems to contradict that idea.

Here’s what he told reporters yesterday (via

“From standpoint of a career move, thing I like about the Vikings is, they’ve got a guy. It’s an opportunity to pump the brakes. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.”

This suggests that he signed there in order to bring some stability to his career and slowly work his way back into a starting job. To put it in more blunt terms, he signed there so he could be a back-up.

That is … strange.

The Vikings signed Freeman to play, not hold a clipboard. They already have a solid back-up in Matt Cassel, Ponder has been underwhelming, and Freeman seems to be the type of uber-talented player who can thrive in a new situation.

He could just being trying to diffuse a QB controversy here. But it’s an odd thing to say nonetheless.

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