White House press secretary: We're in a 'narrative fight' with ISIS

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told CNN Monday morning that the US is in a “narrative fight” with the terrorist group ISIS.

Earnest appeared on the show as authorities in New York and New Jersey investigate bombs found throughout the area over the weekend.

“What I can tell you is that we are, when it comes to ISIL, we are in a fight, a narrative fight with them, a narrative battle,” Earnest said, using an alternate name for the terror group. “And what ISIL wants to do is they want to project that they are an organisation that is representing Islam in a fight, in a war against the West and a war against the United States.”

He continued: “That is a bankrupt, false narrative. It is a mythology. And we have made progress in debunking that mythology.”

ISIS propaganda often pushes the idea of a final battle between the West and soldiers of Islam, and experts say that ISIS seeks to provoke the West into a great war with them.

Watch the video of Earnest below:

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