Meet The Sexy Underwear Model From The Diet Dr. Pepper Ad

josh button diet dr pepper

Underwear model Josh Button was hired by Diet Dr. Pepper to attract women to the brand. 

In the now-viral ad, a shirtless Button launches into a monologue about why he is one of a kind. 

“Millions of guys are born good-looking,” he says, as the number 70,611,600 flashes across the screen. “But not many are really good looking.” (the number 64,891 flashes). “Even fewer are really, really, really, really good-looking, at least that’s what I’m told.” The number 45 appears. “I’m Josh Button and I’m one-of-a-kind. 

We caught up with Button in New York to talk about how he was discovered, the ad, and the surprising demographic its attracting. 

Business Insider: How did you get into modelling?

Josh Button: I was discovered when I was waiting tables in Miami. I had been scouted a few times, and thought it would be fun to have a job where I got paid to travel. Within a month, I was in Paris, and I’ve been fortunate to work in the industry for a long time. 

BI: Did Diet Dr. Pepper hire you to attract women to the brand? 

JB: I’m sure that was part of it. But the male response to the ad has also been surprising. I think the ad does a good job of poking fun at too-serious male models, which guys think is funny and are responding really well to. My friends have been calling me and saying they think its hilarious. 

BI: What inspired your character in the ad? 

JB: It’s funny because the company just told me to act like myself, which is rare. We thought it would be funny if I channeled this “Zoolander” attitude and acted like I took myself incredibly seriously. People have actually asked if the commercial is affiliated with the movie. 

BI: How do you stay in shape? 

JB: I love surfing, and that’s become a big hobby for me lately. I’m a really active person and love sports. I also try to eat in moderation, although I’m not strict by any means. Staying active allows me to consume a lot of calories. 

BI: Do you drink Diet Dr. Pepper? 

JB: It’s actually the only soda I allow myself to occasionally drink. I think it tastes really good. 

BI: What do you think your life will be like after modelling?

JB: I’m an aspiring actor and would love to act in plays or movies. This commercial was a good transition into that because I got to play a character and express myself more than with some other gigs. 

Check out his ad here:

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