Josh Brolin Used To Be A Day Trader... Returned 58% in 2008 AND Has A Hedge Fund

Ok, we were surprised to find out Josh Brolin was a day trader but this is even more interesting.

As you probably know, Brolin stars in the hotly anticipated Wall Street 2. Well, he’s spoken so much about his day-trading and investment strategies before, he actually might have been chosen because he has experience in the field.

He explained his business to Charlie Rose back in 2008:

“[I use a very specific type of trading] which is Pull Backs, that is what I do. I find a momentum stock, I wait until it pulls back a little bit, and then it hits a support, I get it then, it will go back and test where it started to go down which is called resistance, and I nab that per cent, that per cent and a half, and if you do that enough then you got, you know, 50 per cent, 60 per cent, 70 per cent.”

He says he was up 58% in 2008, which is huge, but we have no proof of these returns. However Brolin’s co-star Shia Lebeouf turned something like $20,000 into 500k, so actors might have a special skill for trading or something.

Brolin also told Rose about his new hedge fund:

“We’re beginning to get into hedge funds… We’re just about to manage a 40 million dollar hedge fund.”

Blogger Mike Francesa found out the name what he thinks is of Brolin’s hedge fund, Lagovent, which Brolin manages with Brett Markinson, a partner he referred to in the interview with Charlie Rose.

Brolin also started a trading website,, where he said back in 2007 on sfgate that he made more money trading than he ever had acting, by day-trading for about 3 1/2 years.

Sadly, marketprobability doesn’t exist anymore, but check out what Brolin says about the business:

“Market Probability came out of my partner and I just trading, real time trading,” he told the Rope of Silicon.

“We realised there was no real way you can win in the market without having some kind of mathematical edge based on the history of the market and what it has done compared to now and all this kind of shit.”

So true!

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