Josh Brolin Used To Be A Day Trader?

This is random: Josh Brolin used to be a day trader.

“I got very, very disciplined and very good at it, and then, right when I didn’t need the money anymore, suddenly I started making money in films,” Brolin said at Cannes, according to the AP.

“I didn’t work for a huge firm. I don’t know about billions of dollars, but I do know about trading,” he said.

Like what happened during the flash crash – he knows all about that.

“I know what it’s like for a stock to go down so fast your finger literally can’t catch up to it.”

And weirdly, he says trading helped him become a better actor.

“I also know what it is to tackle my own emotional discipline regarding stocks. I think I got very good at that, and I think that it definitely facilitated other areas of my life. With acting.”

As you probably know, Brolin stars in the hotly anticipated Wall Street 2.

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