Austrian Basement Dungeon Where Man Imprisoned Daughter For 24 Years To Be Filled With Concrete

Josef Fritzl's House
House of horrors.

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The basement where incestuous abuser Josef Fritzl imprisoned his daughter Elisabeth for 24 years will be filled with concrete, according to the liquidator of the family estate.The move will make sure that nobody can ever use or even enter the windowless cellar again, Walter Anzboeck said. According to the Daily Telegraph, the concrete will be pumped into the underground space next year.

Fritzl raped his daughter an estimated 3,000 times during her years in captivity from the age of 18, and fathered seven children with her. One infant son died after Fritzl did not take him to a doctor. The 76-year-old, who told his wife Rosemarie that Elisabeth had run away from home,  is currently serving life in prison.

Doors to the cellar, which Fritzl had excavated and turned into a makeshift jail, were welded shut earlier this year after it emerged local teenagers had been using it as a party destination. Officials found drug paraphernalia and smashed bottles in the site and one intruder said it had become “cool” to visit. “The walls are very thick. You can play music down there and no-one will hear, or see any light,” the visitor said.

There were calls last year for the house in Amstetten, Austria to be bulldozed entirely.

This post originally appeared at The Journal.