José Mourinho snapped at the media and stormed out of a wild, chaotic press conference after Manchester United lost 3-0 to Tottenham Hotspur

Hayters TVJosé Mourinho.

José Mourinho snapped at the media and stormed out of a wild and chaotic press conference after his side, Manchester United, got humbled by Tottenham Hotspur in a 3-0 loss on Monday.

One goal from Spurs striker Harry Kane and two from winger Lucas Moura helped inflict the heaviest defeat Mourinho has ever suffered at a home ground as a manager – but rather than concentrate on the loss, Mourinho wanted to trumpet his past achievements.

The United boss angrily held up three fingers in the post-match press conference – one for each Premier League championship he had won – and demanded that journalists present in the room show him “respect.” He accused them of unfairly chastising him for a poor performance against Tottenham, and claimed his team had pulled off a “miracle,” despite the loss.

According to Manchester Evening News, Mourinho said: “You want to make the miracle of my team that played so well and strategically we were so, so, so, so good and you want to try and transform this press conference into a situation of ‘let’s blame the guy.'”

Mourinho then claimed that regardless of a win or a loss, reporters always put a negative slant on the game. He said they’re “not happy” when he wins, and even more critical when he loses. He praised his team, the club’s supporters, and then angrily left the room mid-interview.

He apparently added: “Just to finish… do you know what was the result? 3-0. Do you know what this means? 3-0 but also means three Premierships and I won more Premierships alone than the other 19 managers together. Three for me and two for them two. So respect man, respect, respect, respect.”

Watch Mourinho walk off right here:

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