Jose Canseco Sends His Twin Brother To Fight A Celebrity Boxing Match In His Place

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Jose Canseco is fighting with a Florida boxing promoter over accusations that he sent his twin brother, Ozzie, to pretend to be him and fight a match in his place.The promoter Damon Feldman claims that “Jose” showed up for his scheduled Saturday night fight and began demanding to paid in cash, in advance.

When Feldman refused, Canseco left. It was only then that others pointed out the tattoos on Canseco’s arm, and that Feldman was actually dealing with Ozzie, not Jose.

The two brother’s have switched places at autograph signing before, with Ozzie signing his brother’s name to baseball memorabilia.

Jose has responded on Twitter with his own accusations that Feldman cheated him and the ESPN (which re-reported a South Florida Sun-Sentinel story) is “owned” by MLB and, naturally, out to get him.