Casey Anthony's Star Lawyer Is Jumping Into The George Zimmerman Case

jose baezJose Baez

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The cop who was openly sceptical of George Zimmerman’s claims that he had no choice but to kill Trayvon Martin is turning to Casey Anthony’s star lawyer for legal advice.That officer, Chris Serino, filed an arrest affidavit for Zimmerman a few weeks after 17-year-old Martin was shot even though Serino’s chief said publicly there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest the neighbourhood watchman.

Serino is apparently so concerned about giving a sworn statement about the shooting in open court that he hired Jose Baez, the man who shot to fame after he got Casey Anthony acquitted for the murder of her daughter, The Miami Herald reported Monday.

While most of the Sanford Police Department appeared to believe Zimmerman’s account of the shooting, Serino always appeared sceptical.

In interviews recorded in the aftermath of the shooting, Serino can be heard laying into Zimmerman for the way he handled the confrontation with Martin.

“You basically jumped out of the car to see where he was going? That’s not fear,” Serino said. “That’s going to be a problem.”

“You basically jumped out of the car to see where he was going? That’s not fear. That’s going to be a problem.”

Read more:’s unusual for an investigator to go into a murder trial with his own counsel, but in this case, Serino’s initial scepticism might warrant such a move.

“He wants his own counsel — he’s intimidated,” Baez spokesman Michael Wright told the Herald. “It may not be a friendly deposition.”

This isn’t the first time Baez has inserted himself into the Zimmerman case.

Last month prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda stated in open court he thought Baez had been held in contempt during Anthony’s trial. Baez immediately fired off a letter blasting de la Rionda for misstating the facts.

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