Casey Anthony's Star Attorney Freaked Out When His Name Was Dragged Into George Zimmerman's Trial

jose baez attorneyJose Baez

Photo: Getty Images News

The man made famous for scoring an acquittal for accused child killer Casey Anthony has been pulled into Florida’s latest dramatic murder trial and he doesn’t like it.Last week George Zimmerman’s prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda and George Zimmerman’s lead attorney Mark O’Mara battled it out over O’Mara’s constant media presence.

And in the course of that fight, de la Rionda said he thought Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez had been held in contempt during the blockbuster trial.

But, according to an angry letter Baez fired off to Judge Debra Nelson, that’s not the case and de la Rionda needs to stop “recklessly attempting to tarnish any other members of the Central Florida legal community.”

Baez said he felt he had a duty to bring de la Rionda’s alleged lies to the court’s attention, calling the state’s claims “completely false”

In reality, the judge in the Casey Anthony case told Baez he could be held in contempt for breaking a court order, The Examiner reported last year.

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