Casey Anthony's Attorney Is Representing Two Colorado Movie theatre Shooting Victims

jose baez attorney

Photo: Getty Images News

The man responsible for getting accused murderer Casey Anthony acquitted is now looking into the possibility of a civil lawsuit over responsibility for the Aurora, Colo., movie theatre shooting, The Associated Press reported Monday.Shirley Wygal hired Baez after her daughter Rebecca Wingo died last month when James Holmes allegedly opened fire on a crowded movie theatre during the midnight premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Baez has also been hired by 41-year-old Marcus Weaver, who was shot twice in the theatre, TMZ reported Monday.

“I felt that the night of the incident, that the security at the theatre was lacking from the time I entered,” Weaver told TMZ. “I want answers, we ALL want answers. And I know Attorney Baez will do what ever he can to help with the fullest extent of the law.”

Baez shot to fame after he took Anthony’s case pro bono in 2008. Anthony had been accused of murdering her three-year-old daughter but was acquitted of the charge.

After the trial, Baez released a book claiming Anthony had mental health problems, which explained many of the lies she told detectives when they were researching Caylee’s death.

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