Gen Z's favourite supermodel wants to abolish the term 'plus size'

Gen Z loves Jordyn Woods.

She’s Kylie Jenner’s noted best friend, and according to a study from research firm Wildness, she is actually one of that curious generation’s favourite models.

Maybe it’s because she became famous through the Internet.

However, she told The Cut that up until getting discovered on Instagram, she “never really thought about modelling before, but [she’s] always posting pictures and taking selfies,” though she did some modelling when she was a kid.

“I saw it as a good opportunity to start giving back to people and helping influence other girls to be more confident,” she said to The Cut.

Now, she has taken the Internet by storm with over 1 million followers. She’s made waves with Wilhelmina Curve, but she hopes to one day nix the term “plus size.”

Here’s what she said in a recent interview with The Cut’s Kathleen Hou:

“Well, I believe that once you’re past a size 8, you’re considered plus-size. Everyone has different body shapes, heights. It’s unfortunate because sometimes a curvy girl will say, “I’m a model,” and people will look at her sideways. Then she’ll have to say, “I’m a plus-size model.” That’s just society, you know? Hopefully, if we stop using the term plus-size we can just create a broader definition for what a model is,” she said.

The term ‘plus size’ is a heavily debated topic in the industry. It recently sparked a major controversy on Asos’s Instagram account, causing the company to remove the term from a post in an attempt to abolish labelling after some consumers broadcast fury. Removing the term, though, only resulted in more outrage from people who saw it as an indication that there was something wrong with being plus-sized.

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