Could We Have Another Auburn Football Scandal?

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Yesterday Auburn freshman defensive back Jordan Spriggs issued a Tweet that appeared to offer money for someone to write his paper for him.  Spriggs sent the following Tweet: “man who is good at writing papers?????????????? i pay…”

The Tweet by itself isn’t enough to get Spriggs more than a slap on the wrist, but the NCAA already has its eyes trained on Auburn thanks to Cam Newton’s father, so if there is evidence of players cheating in school, it might soon be discovered. 

There’s no reason to think Spriggs wasn’t just joking, but this is still pretty poor judgment by a player that had close to 500 followers.  With what’s already gone on at Auburn this year, you’d think these players would be walking on egg shells at all times.  Even Spriggs’ teammates thought the Tweet was a moronic decision — Antonie Carter rewteeted Spriggs and added, “u gotta be the dumbest person in the world lol.”

Instead, Spriggs drew unnecessary negative attention to himself and his team.  Auburn and the NCAA will likely do some poking around in response to the Tweet, so Spriggs and his teammates better have nothing to hide.

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