Jordan Spieth has a great way to troll Phil Mickelson before the PGA Championship

In preparation for the PGA Championship, Jordan Spieth is trying to get into Phil Mickelson’s head.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Spieth said he’s playing a few practice rounds at Whistling Straits, one of which includes a round where he and Justin Thomas will take on Rickie Fowler and Mickelson.

Spieth told reporters about his great plan to troll Mickelson by parading around his US Open trophy:

“But Tuesday we’ve got a game with me and Justin Thomas versus Phil and Rickie. And I’m going to try to get the U.S. Open trophy flown in so I can sit it on the front of each green for Phil so I’ll have something for him to — that’s just dishing it back (laughter). We’ll see if we can get somebody to carry it around for the round. It’s the first time I have something on him.”

Spieth, of course, won the US Open while Mickelson struggled, shooting over par on his final three rounds. The US Open is the only major Mickelson hasn’t won.

The two golfers have a slight history of taking playful jabs at each other.

Leading up to the British Open, Mickelson, a notorious trash talker, had tried all of his tricks on Spieth and some of the younger golfers, according to ESPN’s Kevin Van Valkenburg. Spieth told Van Valkenburg that when it appears Mickelson is taking young golfers under his wing, he’s usually just trash-talking:

“He’s a great mentor who likes to see the game grow, and so he grabs guys who are still trying to find their feet and forms relationships. It’s not like he’s giving us stuff to write in a journal. He’s giving us crap and trying to be competitive. He wants us to play well, and he also wants to beat the crap out of us. But if you have questions, he has great answers.”

Spieth, however, is impervious to the trash-talk, saying:

“A lot of people, when he dishes it, they try to dish it back. For me, I just sit there and smile and it really pisses him off. He said to me once, ‘I really don’t get in your head, do I?’ I said ‘Nah, you’re pretty weak at it.'”

We’ll see if Spieth is capable of getting in Mickelson’s head.

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