Jordan Spieth is making a ridiculous amount of money on the PGA Tour this year

Jordan Spieth has a deal with Under Armour that includes “Tiger-like numbers” and “an eight-figure guarantee annually.” It turns out, Spieth’s earnings on the course go far beyond what Tiger was making at a similar point in his career.

So far this season, Spieth has already won nearly $US8 million on the PGA Tour. If we compare that to the seasons during which Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods won their first majors we can see just how much more money is up for grabs these days.

Nicklaus earned an inflation-adjusted $US490,000 in 26 events (3 wins) on the PGA Tour in 1962. Woods took in slightly more than $US3 million in 2015 dollars during the 1997 season. He played in 21 events that season with four wins. Meanwhile, Spieth has taken in nearly $US8 million in just 17 events including three wins.

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