Jordan Spieth says Obama told him a priceless joke during a long-winded answer about becoming president

  • Jordan Spieth played a star-studded round of golf that included former US President Barack Obama.
  • During the round, Spieth asked Obama what he would tell an incoming president about what he learned on the job.
  • According to Spieth, Obama concluded a five-minute “spiel” with a well-timed joke about learning about aliens.

Jordan Spieth took part in a star-studded round of golf that included former US President Barack Obama, Stephen Curry, and Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank.

While visting “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Spieth recalled the experience of getting to play with Obama and picking his brain while going through 18 holes.

According to Spieth, he was also treated to delightful joke by Obama when he asked him what he would tell a president-elect about the job.

“I asked him a question … ‘President Obama, what’s kind of the one thing that you would tell a president-elect? What’s the one thing you weren’t prepared for in your two terms?'” Spieth said.

According to Spieth, Obama went on a long, intense “spiel” about the responsibility of the US president to not only run the country, but to be the first to respond to global affairs and set an example.

Then, Spieth said, Obama dropped a great punchline.

“Right before he goes to hit his putt,” Spieth said, “he goes, ‘And you won’t believe what the aliens look like.'”

Spieth said Obama sank his putt and walked away, winking at him.

“I’m sitting there, like, ‘I’m not gonna sleep for like a week!'” Spieth said.

Spieth continued: “And that was on the seventh hole. We still had 11 holes to play.”

Watch the full clip below:


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