Jordan Spieth explains why he believes golf is a team sport and why he deflects a lot of the credit

Jordan Spieth (right) with caddie Michael Greller (left)Thomas J. Russo/USA Today SportsCaddy Michael Greller is a key member of Jordan Spieth’s team.

To hear other golfers talk about Jordan Spieth it is clear that in addition to being one of the best, he is also one of the most liked players on the PGA Tour and that is at least in part driven by his humility and humble nature.

This week, Spieth is going for his third major championship of the year at the PGA Championship and we got a glimpse of that humility when he explained why he often uses the pronoun “we” to refer to his golf game.

Spieth was asked why he uses the word “we” and his answer makes it clear that he doesn’t look at golf as an individual sport:

“I don’t know, I just, I figure I have, Michael [Greller, his caddy, is] with me on the course, he’s the one that’s a part of each decision that we make as far as preparing for what we do. I have Cameron [McCormick, his coach], I have my trainer Damon [Goddard], sports chiro, manager, everybody gets stuff ready for us to play our best golf. I’m the one hitting the shots and hitting the putts and getting the credit, I guess, but at the same time I believe that this is a, we’re a brand, we’re a company, we’re, this is, we’re competing together all for the same goal. And I try to align myself with the best at what they do in the world, because then that will free me up, I won’t have to worry about any other parts of my life on and off the course and it seems to be working. We got a great team and no one’s been scared of the next level and that’s why we are where we are right now. So, I believe that on and off the course it’s not just me.”

Even in his answer, Spieth uses the word “we” to explain why he uses the word “we.”

In other words, to Spieth, golf is very much a team sport, just as much as any other team sport, even if he is the one getting all the credit.

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