Panthers make a huge mistake on a punt leading to another score for the Broncos in the Super Bowl

The Denver Broncos extended their lead to 13-7 after kicking another field goal.

They got into field goal range, in part, because of a huge, 61-yard punt return from receiver Jordan Norwood.

However, his run, which set a new Super Bowl record, was helped by a confused Panthers defence that thought he called for a fair catch on the punt.

Here’s the play:

It’s unclear where, exactly, Panthers thought Norwood called for a fair catch, but clearly some Panthers players were confused.

Norwood return

Here’s a replay that shows Norwood up close:

Either way, the huge run put the Broncos in field goal position. The Panthers were lucky they didn’t score a touchdown on the possession.

In a game this big and close (so far), every point counts, and Carolina’s belief that Norwood signalled a fair catch could come back to haunt them.

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