Pittsburgh Cops Savagely Beat Teen For No Reason: Lawsuit

jordan miles beating photoA Jan. 13, 2010 photo of Jordan Miles following his altercation with police

Photo: AP Images

The lawyer for a man claiming cops gave him brain damage when he was a teen told a jury Tuesday the officers lied about why they stopped his client to cover up their “savage” acts.Jordan Miles, now 20, is suing Richard Ewing, Michael Saldutte, and David Sisak, claiming the three Pittsburgh police officers violently beat him in January 2010 without any cause, The Associated Press reported Tuesday.

Police claimed they thought Miles had a gun, but his attorney J. Kerrington Lewis told a jury Tuesday the police version of that night’s events is a “fairy tale,” according to the AP.

In his civil rights case against the officers, which opened in court Tuesday, Miles claims he was walking from his mother’s house to his grandmother’s around 11 p.m., when plainclothes officers approached him, yelling, “Where’s your drugs? Where’s your money?”

Miles claims he panicked, struggled with the police, and ran away, believing the officers were trying to rob him, according to the AP.

But the police are telling a very different story.

According to James Wymard, an attorney for the officers, Miles was standing in the dark with his back to the street and ran away without answering any questions.

Wymard acknowledged police hit the then-18-year-old but only did so after Miles elbowed one officer in the head and kicked another in the knee, the AP reported.

Bryan Campbell, a second defence attorney for police, claimed police initially believed Miles was carrying a gun after they felt a hard object in the teen’s pocket.

But the police later determined the object was just a bottle of soda, the AP reported.

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