Jordan Government Dismissed, Balance Of Power Shifts In Egypt

King Abdullah IIKing Abdullah II of Jordan (pictured) appointed a new prime minister Tuesday.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

amid protests. Could this be the day that changes not just Egypt but the Middle-East?
Balance of Power

Balance of power has shifted. Game Changer is that Egypt’s army has decided not to stand in the way of a million-strong protesters.


Oil drops from two year high as concern eases that supplies through Suez Canal may be disrupted by unrest in Egypt. Brent crude is still at $100 a barrel.

300 Dead?

Praising popular revolt in Egypt, Navi Pillay, UN human rights chief is deeply alarmed by sharp rise in casualties recently, which may be as high as 300.

Arab Joke

Word on the Arab street is that people around the world are going to stop watching Mubarak on BBC and CNN. Soon they will watch him only on the history channel!


Egypt is significant: a real trend-setter in the Arab world. Whatever happens in Egypt is contagious and spreads far and wide across the Arab world. The other Arab regimes better watch out, there is a revolutionary wind headed their way.

Digital Drivers

Speak-to-tweet system is live. Google and Twitter have launched a new service via phone which circumvents the ban on net services in Egypt.

Google has said that engineers worked with Twitter and newly acquired voice tech company, SayNow, over the weekend to set the service up for phone-to-twitter.


What next for digitally driven leaderless revolutions manifest via self-assembling dynamic networks? Petro-regimes?

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