A meaningless circus dunk by the Warriors in a blowout led to tension between the teams after their NBA game

  • Warriors rookie Jordan Bell threw himself an alley-oop in the closing minutes of Monday night’s game with Golden State already holding a considerable lead.
  • Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle walked off the court after the game went final before Warriors coach Steve Kerr could apologise.
  • After the game, Kerr said his players were split in their reactions to the dunk, with a divide between older and younger players.

The Golden State Warriors were cruising to another victory on Monday night against the Dallas Mavericks, working with a 25-point lead with just minutes left in the game.

Steve Kerr opted to let his second team close out the final minutes, and while in most cases teams would be happy to work the clock down and simply leave with the win, rookie Jordan Bell had other ideas after stealing the ball and rushing towards the basket on a break, throwing himself an alley-oop dunk that easily went down as the basketball highlight of the night.

The dunk got quite the reaction from the Warriors bench — Kevin Durant looked like he needed a moment to gather his thoughts before he could fully react to the situation.

It’s the type move you might see in dunk contests and pick up games, not in NBA regular season basketball against other professional athletes. While the play was absurdly impressive, it was a bit disrespectful, especially given the large lead the Warriors had already amassed.

As the game ended, Anthony Slater of The Athletic reported that Warriors head coach Steve Kerr tried to apologise to Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle for the dunk, but Carlisle waved him off and left the court before any sort of exchange could take place.

Kerr was able to eventually track Carlisle down though, and speaking with reporters after the game, said that he told the opposing coach that he would talk with Bell about the play. Kerr added that while the older players on the team knew that the dunk could be contentious, the younger Warriors players were simply excited about the highlight from a teammate.

Draymond Green appears to have fallen in the latter camp, saying of the play “When you get on the basketball court…somebody’s evaluating you. So if you want to throw it off the backboard, feel free — he got an and-1, great play.”

The Warriors ended up winning the game by a final score of 133-103, with Jordan Bell putting up six points, four rebounds, and two assists in 10 minutes of game action.

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