All The Big Media Names Have Gone To Joplin, But It's The Local News Stories That Will Break Your Heart

Joplin tornado

Photo: AP

From local news teams to national cable news networks, coverage of the damaging tornado that tore through Joplin, MO has taken over headlines.The NYT’s Brian Stelter has been epically tweeting from the ground since yesterday.

All the big anchor names quickly made their way to Joplin yesterday amidst heavy rains and lightning (on Tuesday’s Morning Joe Al Roker said he’d never seen such consistent lightning in 30 years of reporting on the weather).

For Brian Williams, whose first TV anchor job was in Joplin, it was a painful homecoming. 

But it’s the local news stories that are proving most heartbreaking.

On the scene of the storm, stories of survival, searches for loved ones, and footage of incredible rescues weave together to create an unbelievable narrative, one that is hard to fathom from a distance.

We’ve gathered clips from local and national coverage of the Joplin tornado.

The storm's aftermath

Live coverage by KOAM-TV showed immediate image's of the storm's aftermath in Joplin.

A St. John's Hospital worker shared her first-hand account of what took place during the tornado and the evacuation efforts that followed with KMOV's morning news program.

Text message leads to rescue

Local news cameras captured a rescue that was aided by a text message from the victim to a friend, letting him know he was alive but under rubble.

A crushed parking lot

KMOV's Chris Nagus toured the local Walmart parking lot, where row after row of cars were totaled by the tornado.

Family searching for missing teen who was sucked out of car roof by tornado

A Missouri family is searching for a recent high school grad who was sucked out of a car roof by the tornado's force during the storm. While he is reported to be alive, the family is unaware as to which hospital he may be receiving treatment.

Local reporter returns to hometown

Michael Butler, a photojournalist for a Kansas City NBC affiliate, described his personal trip back to Joplin, his hometown, as he searched for friends and family in the town.

Lightning strikes during live report by Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is surprised by lightning during his report on Piers Morgan Tonight. Piers Morgan says it all: 'That was scary.'

Personal story by Joplin Globe reporter

Brian Williams returned to Joplin to cover this natural disaster and interviewed Joplin Globe reporter Jeff Lehr who lost his own home from the storm.

An entire high school destroyed

Moments after the school's senior celebrated their graduation, the local high school in Joplin was destroyed by the tornado.

How has The Weather Channel's covered the storm?

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