Joost Looks Outside For Tech Help


Web video site Joost has signed on with Web video provider Ooyala to power some of its back-end video processing. In theory, the deal will let Joost focus more on building a Web TV service people that more people want to watch.

Ooyala will provide video uploading and transcoding services to Joost for some — not all — of its content providers, the company says. Joost’s users won’t notice a thing — the changes will be on the back end only.

What’s the point? This is a service that Joost could easily farm out and potentially do for cheaper than it can do in-house. (In theory, Joost could operate with a leaner tech staff, too.)

Meanwhile, Joost CEO Mike Volpi and staff need to focus on building a Web TV service that can compete better with sites like Hulu, which launched after Joost but has since dwarfed it.

Joost raised $45 million in 2007 and hired Volpi away from Cisco (CSCO), where he was a rising star. Its content partners include CBS, a Hulu holdout and Joost investor.

NewTeeVee noted the partnership earlier this month, but didn’t have details.