Joost Launching In China. But When Will It Re-Launch Here?

Joost is betting the farm on a re-launch of its once-hyped, now un-loved P2P video service, probably later this summer. But that’s not stopping the company from expanding abroad: It is launching a Chinese version today as a joint venture with TOM Group

The joint venture will source primarily Chinese-language programming from within China. It launches with 16,000 hours of video and content deals with CCTV, CAV Warner Home Entertainment, China Record Corporation, and BTV Media, among others. TOM will sell advertising for the service, while Joost provides the underlying technology.

Of the technology: It appears the Chinese version of Joost requires the same kind of cumbersome software download that has hobbled its growth in the U.S. Joost is busy fixing that problem for the US, and we’re told the new Web-based version will launch later this summer.

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