Joost Trying To Unload Itself, Time Warner Cable Reportedly Interested

Online video startup Joost — one of the most overhyped startups since the last bubble burst — is trying to sell itself, CNET reports. One option: Becoming the online video portal for a cable or satellite company. Time Warner Cable (TWC) has reportedly expressed interest.

Wouldn’t be a surprise. While Time Warner Cable probably doesn’t need Joost’s technology, content deals, mediocre traffic, or crappy brand, they’re all better than nothing if the price is right. (As in, cheap.)

And CEO Mike Volpi — a former rising star at Cisco (CSCO) — could be a good digital boss for the cable company.

Update: Mike is supposedly on vacation. Not sure if that means anything.

Update 2: Mike responds by email: “We don’t comment on the rumours from ‘industry sources’.”

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