Jony Ive explains why he thinks Airbnb's CEO is one of the influential people on the planet

Brian Chesky Illustration Airbnb logoMike Nudelman/Business InsiderAirbnb CEO Brian Chesky.

Jony Ive is a big fan of Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky. The Apple design chief thinks the 33-year-old founder’s “audacity is fabulous” — and for that reason, he’s named him one of the most influential people alive.

Time has published its annual Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world, and each entry is written by a different person of note. This time around, Chesky has made the cut, and Ive was the one who wrote the justification.

Ive praises Airbnb, saying the 7-year-old accommodation-renting startup is “a new way to build community through people’s innate desire to connect with the world around them.”

“The service that Brian and his partners imagined,” the Apple executive continues, “is soaringly ambitious and utterly practical.”

Ive’s eye for design is legendary, and key to Apple’s massive appeal. Airbnb’s site gets his seal of approval, with him calling it “as beautiful as it is functional.”

“Bringing people together is something of a passion for Brian,” Ive concludes, “and with Airbnb he’s helped create millions of personal connections. That’s an achievement that even the best hotels in the world should envy.”

Chesky is not the only prominent tech figure on the Time 100: Apple CEO Tim Cook and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman both also make the list.

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