An Ex-Lead Investigator In The JonBenet Murder Reveals Surprising New Evidence

jonbenet ramsey

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A former lead investigator in JonBenet Ramsey’s murder has written a book dismissing earlier claims that a lone attack from an intruder was to blame for her death. James Kolar spent his retirement savings self-publishing Foreign Faction – Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet? and analysed 60,000 pages of documents and hours of video, the Daily Beast reported.

The 6-year-old’s murder in 1996  captured national attention, and  her creepy beauty pageant photos fuelled speculation that her parents killed her.

In 2004 the district attorney’s office in Boulder, Colo. enlisted Kolar as a lead detective in the case, the Daily Beast reported.

While her parents were cleared and police publicly blamed the child’s murder on a home intruder, Kolar relayed the following allegations in his book to the Daily Beast: 

  • Kolar believes there is “no significant possibility” that an intruder murdered JonBenet.
  • The DNA evidence found on her underwear that exonerated members of the family was a trace amount from a cough or a sneeze and wasn’t significant, Kolar writes. 
  • He says that a child’s toy, and not a stun gun, could have been responsible for the two marks the coroner found on her back. It was originally believed a stun gun had been used to subdue her. 
  • In the window frame where investigators said the intruder entered the house, investigators found cobwebs, undisturbed. Kolar says this is evidence that someone inside the house was responsible. 
  • Kolar reviewed reports from five physicians who examined autopsy reports and determined that Ramsey had been sexually abused “for some time” before her death, and not just on the night of the murder. 

Kolar’s theories seem to implicate her parents, although they were ruled out as suspects long ago.

Boulder District Attorney Mary Keenan Lacy even went as far to apologise to the Ramseys.

Lacy has dismissed Kolar’s alternative explanation for Ramsey’s death, writing him a letter calling his theory “conjecture, which at times approaches pure flights of fantasy,” according to the Daily Beast.

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