Jonathan Van Ness says almost all brides make the same hair and beauty mistake before their wedding

E! Entertainment/Getty Images and Galina Tcivina/ShutterstockJonathan Van Ness has some helpful wedding grooming advice.

Jonathan Van Ness is known as the grooming expert for Netflix’s hit “Queer Eye,” and he helped more than a few brides get ready for their wedding day as a hairdresser before becoming a household name.

Now he’s teaming up with Elysian Brewing to officiate a wedding during Seattle Pride, and INSIDER had the chance to ask him for the beauty tips everyone should know before their big day.

Van Ness says straying too far away from your usual style is one of the biggest mistakes any bride can make

“If you’re someone who is on the high-glam side, don’t do a bare face on your wedding day,” Van Ness said. “If you’re someone who’s on the more natural side […] just zhush what you’re normally like.”

Essentially he thinks it’s best to “keep it simple and enjoy your day” and not worry too much about changing up the look.

Once you’ve settled on a look, Van Ness says the next step is making sure you’ve properly rehearsed with full hair and makeup

“When you go to do your trial run a lot of hairdressers will be like ‘oh this is like an 80% version of it, and we’ll really go full out on the day,” Van Ness said before adding, “NO! You need to do your whole look twice through a week before your wedding.”

He advises that doing two dress rehearsals with full hair and makeup a week before the wedding will allow time to alter your look and is the best way to avoid a major meltdown.

“If your hairdresser doesn’t get it right on the first time, why are they going to get it together on the second?” he told us. “I’ve seen so many meltdowns on the day of because of that.”

Jonathan van ness red carpetTommaso Boddi/Getty ImagesJonathan Van Ness thinks two dress rehearsals is the best way to avoid a meltdown.

Van Ness is set to officiate a lucky couple’s wedding in June, which he says will be much less stressful than his typical wedding experiences.

“All my wedding experience has been about doing people’s hair and all the stressful moments,” he said. “So to be able to just come in for the fun stuff, I love that.”

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