This Googler wants to create the 'Dilbert' for his generation

Every VowelEvery VowelJon Youshaei (center)

Jon Youshaei doesn’t think his generation has enough frank conversations about their careers.

That’s why the twenty-something marketing manager at YouTube started the website “Every Vowel,” a hub of work-centric content for millennials. (Take a closer look at his last name to figure out where the title came from.)

But since he launched the site, the most popular part by far has been the cartoons that he tries to post every Monday.

“People have called it the modern ‘Dilbert’ or the ‘Dilbert’ for Millennials and that makes me smile so much,” he tells Business Insider.

For those who haven’t seen Scott Adams’ “Dilbert” cartoons, they satirize white-collar corporate America and grew popular during the early 90s. Youshaei’s work is more focused on a younger audience, but often take a similar irreverant tone.

“The way people talk about careers and business is changing so much,” he says. “If you can take your work very seriously but not your self very seriously, that’s when you can find insight. I think the cartoons help get at that.”

Check out some of his best work here…

Youshaei says that his site really started taking off when this cartoon went viral on LinkedIn, racking up nearly 70,000 'likes.'

Jon Youshaei / Every Vowel

He says that this cartoon was based on an experience during his first few months at Google. He sent a lengthy email and a boss responded that he sounded like he was fresh out of college.

'But I am fresh out of college!' Youshaei said. To which his boss fired back: 'Right, but doesn't mean you should sound like it.'

Not all of his cartoons take inspiration from Google though. Youshaei gets a lot of his ideas from conversations with friends.

Jon Youshaei / Every Vowel

More recently, he's gotten ideas from strangers who've reached out after seeing his cartoons online.

Jon Youshaei / Every Vowel

The central character of his cartoons is 'Y.'

Jon Youshaei / Every Vowel

'Sometimes I feel like we're all having this identity crisis where we're trying to figure out where we belong,' Youshaei says. That's reflected in his choice of the letter 'Y', which sometimes acts like a vowel and sometimes doesn't.

Jon Youshaei / Every Vowel

Plus, millennials are often referred to as Generation Y.

He loves his generation, but he also likes to poke fun at it.

Jon Youshaei / Every Vowel

Youshaei says that his cartoons dealing with the concept of 'imposter syndrome' really seemed to resonate with people.

Jon Youshaei / Every Vowel

One woman reached out to him Poland and said that seeing it at a tough time at work helped her realise that even successful people didn't have it all figured out.

'If these cartoons help anyone in any small way or help anyone have just a little bit of a brighter day, that makes me so happy,' he says. 'It will all be worth it.'

Jon Youshaei / Every Vowel

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