Longtime ‘Daily Show’ correspondent Samantha Bee got a fitting send-off last night

Sam Bee Daily Show
Jon Stewart bids farewell to Samantha Bee. Comedy Central

On Thursday night, Samantha Bee, who was the “senior senior correspondent” on “The Daily Show,” ended her twelve year run on the show. 

Jon Stewart sent her off with a tribute that included some her best segments on the show. Many of the highlights include her tricking unsuspecting people at several Republican National Conventions and skewering the issue of Long Island statehood.

Samantha Bee Daily Show

Unfortunately, Bee didn’t get a chance to say any final words, but her amazing work on the show speaks for itself:

The Daily Show


Bee started on “The Daily Show” on July 10, 2013. This was when “the Bush Administration was in its terrible twos” and “the Iraq War was just starting,” as Jon Stewart put it. Bee surpassed Stephen Colbert as the “longest-serving correspondent” in “Daily Show” history.

Samantha Bee Daily Show
Samantha Bee’s tenure on ‘The Daily Show’ lasted 12 years. Comedy Central

But this isn’t the last we’ll see of her.

Samantha Bee will host her own show on TBS. In addition, Bee and her husband Jason Jones (another former “Daily Show” correspondent) are also working on another series for the network.

Jon Stewart’s final episode of “The Daily Show” will air on August 6.

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