Jon Stewart And The Daily Show Hammer The Government Over Absurd Veteran Benefits Backlog

Jon Stewart VA CLaims backlog

Jon Stewart devoted most of Thursday’s “Daily Show” to the consistent backlog for benefits at the Department of Veterans Affairs, a topic on which he has continually hammered President Barack Obama and the federal government.

Stewart slammed the lack of progress that has been made on benefit claims since he last covered the topic in late March — which Stewart revealed was the decision that senior officials responsible for overseeing claims would no longer receive benefits.

“I mean — to have the government promise you a benefit and then not deliver it, well,” Stewart quipped. “I can’t imagine anyone else knows what that must feel like.”

In a hearing on April 18, U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinkseki promised that the backlog would be eliminated by sometime in 2015, after which point all claims would be resolved within a matter of months.

“There you have it!” Stewart said, mockingly. “Only two more years until… they’re hoping to have you wait only four more months.”

Daily Show correspondent then went on a “Zero Dark 30”-like expedition to see if she could help at least one veteran get his claim settled. It proved to be a lot more difficult than anticipated.

Watch the clips below, via Comedy Central:

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