After more than a decade revolutionising comedy, here's what Jon Stewart is doing next

Jon stewartAPThis Oct. 18, 2012 file photo shows host Jon Stewart during a taping of ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.’

Jon Stewart’s been at the forefront of comedy for the past 30 years.

Whether it was writing (and occasionally starring) on the groundbreaking “The Larry Sanders Show,” hosting “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” or rallying thousands with Stephen Colbert on the National Mall in order to “Restory Sanity and/or Fear,” Stewart’s been a staple of the comedy landscape. 

And in just under two weeks, his 16 year stint on “The Daily Show” is up; he’ll be replaced by South African correspondent Trevor Noah, the third host in the show’s 19 year history. So what’s Stewart’s next move?

Apparently, he’s heading back into the world of stand-up comedy from which he came — albeit to a lesser extreme than his younger self. 

Stewart said as much to “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” director Judd Apatow in Apatow’s new book, “Sick in the Head.”

I think that when I stop doing this, I will want to do stand-up. I just don’t think I’ll do it to the exclusion of other things, the way that we used to. The single-mindedness of it when we were younger is probably something I won’t return to.

The interview took place at some point in 2014, and Stewart’s echoed that sentiment since on his own show. He told fellow comedian Colin Quinn back in June that he wants to”come back to the Cellar, it’s the greatest place” — a reference to New York City comedy institution The Comedy Cellar, popularly known as the comedy club in the beginning of Louie C.K.’s FX series.

Here’s the clip from that interview:

Though the smaller stage and audiences of stand-up will be a departure from Stewart’s long-running gig at “The Daily Show,” it provides a vehicle for more of the standard-setting comedy Stewart’s known for. And if nothing else, it enables folks like you and me to get a rawer, more personal performance from a man who’s had to bear the weight of a nightly comedy show for nearly 20 years. Here’s hoping we catch him on a surprise midnight set at The Comedy Cellar!

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