Jon Stewart On Goldman Sachs: 'These [email protected]*!ing Guys'

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart took took aim at CNBC “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer, one of his favourite targets, on last night’s show. Stewart hammered Cramer for his faith in investment banks, highlighting a clip from Cramer’s show in which he says banks like Goldman Sachs will get a “huge victory” in Washington.

“Wow, that guy from the Village People is right,” Stewart quips. But then Friday happened.

Ouch. But then he goes in for the kill.

“You get the sense that if Jim Cramer was around in 1912 he would have said ‘you’re not going to hear this from anyone else, but my sources tell me the Titanic has the best buffet on the high seas. And by the way if you want to get there faster, try the Hindenburg.”

Check out the clip, courtesy of Mediaite:

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