Jon Stewart Rips Canada For Producing Justin Bieber And Crack Mayor Rob Ford

Jon Stewart Justin Bieber Rob FordComedy Central/’Daily Show’Jon Stewart is having a field day with two Canadians causing trouble.

Toronto “Crack Mayor” Rob Ford is being sued by his sister’s ex-boyfriend for allegedly having him beat up in prison. Justin Bieber was just charged with assault for beating up a limo driver in Canada last month.

And Jon Stewart is having a field day with it all.

In a “Daily Show” segment titled “What the f—‘s going on in Canada?” Stewart mocks a news reporter who starts a story with, “Believe it or not, things are getting worse for Rob Ford.”

“Believe it or not?!” Stewart responds in astonishment. “I’ve never heard anything more believable!”

Stewart argues that it would be far more surprising to hear “Believe it or not…”

  • Rob Ford is introducing a new fragrance
  • I just read this really interesting piece in the New Yorker by Rob Ford
  • When I go away, I have Rob Ford watch my children

Stewart went on to bash Bieber’s recent troubles with the law and called both “playful scamps… accused of committing major felonies.” Watch the segment below:

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