Jon Stewart Skewered Conservatives For Hypocrisy Over Romney's Tax Returns

Jon Stewart launched a second round of attacks against Mitt Romney on The Daily Show last night over the Republican presidential candidate’s failure to release more than one year’s worth of tax returns, slamming conservatives for being hypocritical about the issue of transparency.

“You can’t release your returns because if you do the Democrats will be mean to you,” Stewart said, in an apostrophe to Romney. “I see your concern. These Obama people, whatever you release, it’ll never be enough. They’ll just keep hounding you and hounding you with frivolous transparent demands like this.”

Stewart then played a reel of clips showing conservative pundits and commentators insisting that Obama release everything from his college grades to Michelle Obama’s Princeton senior thesis to the President’s long-form birth certificate.

Until Romney releases his tax returns, Stewart said, The Daily Show will be making up their own. Stewart introduced a new segment, “The Romney Returns,” which will highlight possible findings in Romney’s documents, including his $55,000 car elevator in his new California home, and a fake “car staircase.”

Watch the entire clip below:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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