WATCH: Jon Stewart Ridicules Cable News For Freaking Out About The Obamacare Decision

Jon Stewart ripped into cable news coverage of Thursday’s expected Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare on the Daily Show Wednesday, showing that the talking heads are way too excited, and prediction-happy, about Thursday’s decision.

“Do you think we should just skip Wednesday? And just go straight for Thursday?” one Fox News host said.

To join in on the fun, Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams reported from outside an empty Supreme Court. When Stewart asked for her predictions, Williams said, “There’s no way to answer that question without just making up a bunch of bulls**t up,” Williams said. 

“So anything that you tell me right now about this ruling or its effect on the campaigns would just be meaningless, time-killing bulls**t?” Stewart asked.

“Yes. Duh,” Williams said.

“OK, do that then,” Stewart responded.

Watch the entire segment below:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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