Jon Stewart Tears Into Obama For His Broken Promises On Obamacare

Jon Stewart engaged in another blistering takedown of President Barack Obama on Tuesday night’s “Daily Show,” this time skewering him over a 2009 promise that now is broken.

Obama’s oft-repeated claim — that if you like your health care plan, “you can keep it” — has come under fire the past week, as the individual insurance market has been disrupted.

Stewart took special note of Obama’s emphasis on his promise, often adding “period” to the end.

“How would that definitive statement sound post-implementation of said new health-care act, when it has become abundantly clear that you cannot always keep your plan or doctor?” Stewart said.

Cut to a clip of Obama on Monday night, attempting to add a caveat that he promised people could keep their health-care plans … if it hasn’t changed since the Affordable Care Act’s passage.

“No, no, no,” Stewart said. “What you said was, ‘You can keep it. Period.’ Now what you said there was, ‘You can keep your health-care plan. Ellipses. Comma, because it may no longer meet the individual requirements, or your insurance company may stop offering individual plans, or some other odd bureaucratic off-suit.

“Period. Emoticon depicting a combination of embarrassment and arrogance.”

But though Stewart said Obama was “somewhat dishonest,” he said the law’s opponents have been “lying like mother — ” about its effects.

He took particular aim at Fox News host Eric Bolling, who lamented last week the effects of Obamacare on middle-class families having their plans canceled.

But in 2011, Bolling said the U.S. shouldn’t be revamping a trillion-dollar health care system to “take care of a handful of people.”

“Yeah, just a handful of millions of people,” Stewart said. “But I guess back then you were OK, because if you liked not seeing your doctor, you could keep not seeing your doctor.”

Here’s the clip:

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