JON STEWART TO WASHINGTON: 'Can Anybody Do Their Jobs In That Town?'

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart ripped a triumvirate of actors in Washington, D.C., on Monday, asking if anyone can “do their jobs” in the town amid three “scandalous” issues that have captivated the town’s attention over the past couple of weeks. 

Stewart continued to rip into President Barack Obama, particularly over the IRS’ inappropriate targeting of conservative groups. He lambasted White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer, who had somewhat of a rough day while appearing on five Sunday shows.

Pfeiffer pledged that the White House was not aware of the IRS scandal as it unfolded, but Stewart said that there is a gap between being “aware of” something and “involved in” it. 

“It’s like — your kids want to make dinner for you,” Stewart said. “You don’t have to be involved. But you should be aware that they’re doing it, or you’ll get stuck explaining why your house burned down.”

But then he showed clips of Republicans’ hyperbolic accusations — before Senate Minority Mitch McConnell added that “we don’t know what the facts are.”

“The administration’s lack of transparency is equal only to the Republicans’ fact-free, bone-deep certainty and contempt,” Stewart said.

In times like these, Stewart said, Americans turn to the fourth estate — the press. But even the media hasn’t been able to do its job over the past few weeks.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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