Jon Stewart Hammers Obama And The Justice Department For Leak Investigations On Journalists

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Jon Stewart tore into the Obama administration and the Department of Justice on “The Daily Show” Thursday, ripping the administration’s aggressive handling of leak investigations.

Stewart took issue with the administration’s approach to leak investigations and prosecution of marijuana-related offenses and how it contrasts to a softer approach in going after banks.

Highlighting the renewed attention to a 2009 case involving Fox News reporter James Rosen, Stewart said that the Obama administration “believes in freedom of the press — just not freedom of speech for people who might talk to the press.”

“That’s just them exhibiting fairness,” Stewart said of the Rosen case. “If you’re going to go after whistleblowers, you’ve also got to go after those who have had their whistles blown.”

He mocked the premise of the case against Rosen, who was labelled a “co-conspirator” for reporting that North Korea might respond to United Nations sanctions with more nuclear tests. Stewart wondered if Rosen’s other scoops included “Jon Stewart is Jewish.”

The Justice Department’s strategy, Stewart noted, seems to be rooted in going after hackers, “potheads,” medical marijuana dispensaries. He said that their priorities are skewed.

“Basically, if you could be played in a movie by Kevin Smith, the feds would like a word with you,” Stewart said.

But when it comes to the big fish in banks, Stewart noted that no top Wall Street executives have been arrested — more than four years after the financial crisis.

Watch the clips below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

Clip 2:

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