Jon Stewart Eviscerates The NRA Over Blatant Contradictions At Its Convention

Jon Stewart NRA

“The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart ripped into the NRA and its leaders on Monday for the association’s convention last weekend, during which Stewart noticed a few blatant contradictions in its message.

Stewart played clips of NRA speakers slamming Democrats and liberals for “fear tactics” on gun control. But then he cut to a clip of conservative radio host Glenn Beck, who said that the only difference “between your mum and sister getting raped and them walking home unmolested is a gun.”

“You are aware that fear is an emotion, right?” Stewart said.

Other featured speakers — including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre — warned that the Boston Marathon bombers had more rights than an American citizen, and that “deranged school shooters,” “murderers,” “rapists” were lying in wait, “planning and plotting.”

This prompted Stewart to hide under his desk.

“These types of contradictions — they use fear, we use fear — are not an anomaly, not a bug in the NRA’s system, but a feature,” Stewart said. “At the heart of the NRA’s message is, ‘Don’t let liberals say it’s a dangerous world and scare you into gun control. Let us say it’s a dangerous world and scare you into a Gun-a-pa-looza!”

But the problem with that, Stewart said, is that the NRA can’t even get its simple message straight — because it has differing definitions of what a “good guy” and “bad guy” are. 

In one clip, Beck warned about a tyrannical government taking everyone’s guns. In another, LaPierre praised law enforcement for stopping “bad guys” in Boston.

“So police are the good guys. And who do they work for? The government,” Stewart said. “So you have no idea who the good guys are and the bad guys are. In fact, these guys aren’t too sure about the difference between democracy and tyranny.”

Here’s a clip, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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