Jon Stewart Mocks North Korean War Threats And Calls Kim Jong Un The 'Nuke Kid On The Block'

Jon Stewart North Korea

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart mocked North Korea’s recent war-mongering on Tuesday, questioning whether the country would really want to get into what would amount to a “rebound war” with the United States. 

Last week, North Korea released photos that included a map of targets in four U.S. cities, including the bewildering Austin, Texas. 

Stewart noted that the recent photos and video released made North Korea seem like it was preparing for a war in the last century. 

“Your war-mongering’s a little retro,” Stewart said. 

“You know, with the goose-stepping and the hill-conquering and the — really? — cardboard cut-out targets. And, oh, there’s the commander on the bridge and he’s got — what’s that!? Binoculars? Magnified vision in both eyes?”

“We’ve moved on from the Patton thing,” Stewart said.

Stewart said that any potential conflict would amount to a “rebound war” for the U.S. 

“If we’re looking for any kind of conflict right now, it’s going to be a rebound war, and I don’t think you want that,” he said. “Just straight up destruction. You know what I mean? Just to remind us the equipment still works.”

Watch the clips below, via Comedy Central:

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