JON STEWART: Here’s Why Everyone Hates Newt

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Newt Gingrich’s bad week continues.

After his Meet the Press gaffe, the Republican found himself ripped to shreds on various morning, evening, and night programs.

And what was the crime that the politician committed? According to Daily Show host Jon Stewart the “former Speaker of the House and Lego-figurine-head model” should not be apologizing.

“Appealing to the moderate wing of the Republican party, a wing which as you know has been closed for renovation since Nelson Rockefeller died,” Stewart said. “He’s an intellectual heavyweight. Surely his fellow travellers respect the gravita?”

Or maybe not.

Juan Williams, on the comments: “How can I say this politely? He was urinating inside the family circle.”

Newt’s excuse? He was not prepared for the Meet the Press format, an interesting theory. Except as the Daily Show noted, it was his 35th appearance on the show.

In other words, “You’ve been on that show more times than David Gregory,” Stewart said.

One final shot? One final shot.

“Later that evening, his hotel turndown service consisted of a chocolate mint and a punch in the nuts.”

Video below.

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