JON STEWART: Today's Republican Party Would Call Reagan A Hollywood Liberal

On the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, Stewart mocked the reaction from conservative groups to the Murray-Ryan budget deal.

Groups such as Heritage Action, Club for Growth and FreedomWorks have come out strongly against the deal despite its limited nature. Last week, House Speaker John Boehner flipped out on them, saying that they’ve “lost all credibility” and are “misleading their members.” Tea party wunderkind Rep. Paul Ryan has also taken considerable heat for brokering the deal.

Sen. John Cornyn is another staunch conservative who now faces a battle with the tea party after ultraconservative congressman Steve Stockman filed paperwork at the last second to primary the senator.

Stewart plays a campaign ad of Cornyn that portrays him as cowboy and reads off his conservative credentials, such as being named the second most conservative senator by National Journal. And yet, even Cornyn faces a primary challenge from the right.

“At this point the only guy who could live up to the tea party ideals is Reagan himself,” Stewart said before showing clips of tea party leaders denouncing former president Ronald Reagan for the immigration bill he signed in office.

“When Ronald Reagan is just another Hollywood liberal, you’ve got to say to your part ‘Are you kidding me?’ ” Stewart quipped, mocking Boehner’s outburst last week.

Watch the whole thing here:

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