Jon Stewart DESTROYS Jon Corzine Using An Unbelievable Reel Of News Clips

Jon Stewart’s latest target for one of his take-downs was the CEO of the new-bankrupt firm MF Global Jon Corzine.

Last night, Stewart dedicated nearly 1/3 of his show to the man.

“If only one man could embody the corporate-industrialist complex in all its clusterf$%&tude… Ladies and Gentleman, I give you, Former New Jersey Governer, New Jersey Senator, and Goldman Sachs CEO, Jon Corzine!”

Actually, Stewart didn’t have to do much to skewer Corzine.

All he did was play a series of clips of Corzine skewering himself, by showing that he had plenty of foresight that he … forgot?

Corzine isn't the only one -- There are many more who went from Wall Street to politics and back.

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