Jon Stewart: Hilary Rosen Has Made Republicans Pro-Choice

On last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart noticed one quote that stuck out from Ann Romney’s appearance on Fox News last week:

“My career choice was to be a mother. And I think all of us need to know that we need to respect choices that women make.”

Stewart threw his arms up in the air. 

“Are you not entertained?” he said in Gladiator-style. “Hilary Rosen just made the Republican Party pro-choice! Cats are dogs! Black is white!”

Stewart pointed out that now, Mitt Romney is running on the platform of “motherhood being hard.” 

“It’s probably the only issue he hasn’t flip-flopped on,” Stewart said, before cutting to a clip just three months ago of Romney saying that welfare parents need to have the “dignity of work.”

“Really, three months ago?” Stewart quipped. 

Video below:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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